Pill Organizer Bottle
Pill Organizer Bottle
Pill Organizer Bottle
Pill Organizer Bottle
Pill Organizer Bottle

Pill Organizer Bottle

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Combine your daily pill box organizer with your water bottle.

The new, sleek "in style" Pill Organizer Bottle is a great change from your ordinary daily medicine/pill box. 

The Pill Organizer Bottle holds 20 ounces of your favorite drink, plus features a built-in pill organizer with separate compartments for each day of the week. 


  • Large capacity bottle 
    It comes with 20 ounce capacity water bottle so you can rest assured knowing your covered with your pills and water all stored in one cool gadget
  • Convenient daily organizer 
    Made with a built in pill organizer so you’ve got the pills the water and even the lid as a cup with at all times. Great for traveling, work or keeping at your bedside.
  • Organized and neat
    Our seven section pill organizer allows you to store each day’s pills (about 3 large sized pills) in an easy open close compartment so you know that you’ve taken your daily dose.
  • Simple to assemble
    The pill organizer is easily removable to make it simpler for you to wash and refill your bottle with water juice or any beverage that makes it easier to take your vitamins or medicine.
  • Sits evenly on tables  
    Made with for tiny anchors so your bottle will sit where you put no rolling around. Leave it on your night table and in the morning you’ll find it exactly where you.


    • Material: Plastic
    • Weight : 150 g
    • Capacity: 600 ml
    • Size: 8 x 23.5 cm
    • 1 x Pill Organiser Bottle