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re-learning to shop for food :: Meal Planning 101

Meal Planning 101 :: fadedfarm


While we were still living the old house  our fridge died.

One day at the end of November I walked out into the kitchen to find some water sittin

g o

n the floor.  I blamed it on Jesse spilling while getting a glass of water.  But when I opened the freezer and saw the ice melting every where, we knew the truth.  The freezer contents went into the deep-freeze in the basement.  The contents of the fridge where dolle

d out between a cooler on the deck and a small dorm-sized fridge we kept in our living room.

I had been dabbling in meal planning on and off for a couple of months, but when my fridge took a crap I learned the importance of planning out my meals for the week.   I made my list before heading out the grocery store and then would promptly through it out the window and buying whatever looked good to me that day.

I am sure you already know what $200 of groceries does not fit in a mini-fridge.

I had to sit down each week and carefully plan out what we are going to have for supper each now.  I planned out the meals to the extent of using up or having no leftovers:  if I roasted a chicken on Monday, I used the leftover cooked chicken in a casserole or tacos later on in the week.  I went on this way, successfully, for the better part of a month.

Things have changed since the fridge-less times.  I am living in a different home, with a working fridge and lots more pantry space.   The meal planning has stuck with me, when I go a week with putting it all down on paper I feel a bit lost.  I have saved myself around $60 a week, and a whole lot of heart ache when throwing away wasted food.

Next week I will share how I get my meal plans worked out and stick with it.

Do you plan out your meals?

and breathe . . .

I am feeling run down and a bit overwhelmed.  Please excuse me while I breathe.

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